Why do prices vary?

Whether you’re looking for a DJ, photographer, wedding planner, or any wedding professional, you’ll find that prices can range tremendously.

Most often, you’ll find that the professionals with the lowest prices are those that provide that service as a supplemental income to another job. While some of these people do provide an excellent value for money, it is important to realize that these people may have other obligations beyond their business and may not provide the same level of service as professionals that make their living from their wedding service. It’s also possible that these service providers do not have the same level of expenses that dedicated professionals would due to lower quality equipment, a lack of insurance, or sometimes even a lack of business license, allowing them to charge a lower price.

In the mid to high range of prices is where you’ll find most professionals that dedicate their professional lives to their services. These businesses usually have higher quality equipment, greater experience in their profession, and are insured against any issues that may arise. The higher prices that these businesses charge allows them to dedicate themselves to their profession without relying on supplemental income.

Higher priced professionals are also more likely to have backup equipment should their main equipment fail. The last thing you need during your wedding is your photographer’s camera to stop working, or your DJ’s speakers to blow without a backup available. Mistakes do happen. It’s important to ensure that the professionals that you hire have the experience and backup equipment necessary to deal with anything that could happen during one of the most important days in one’s life.

While it is certainly possible to find a lower priced wedding professional that will provide an excellent level of service for your wedding, it is important to make sure that they have the necessary experience, and are prepared and able to help your vision for your wedding to come to life. It is also very important that the wedding professional, regardless of price, provides a contract for their services. (See The Importance of Contracts for more information)

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