Size does matter

I run a small business. When I say small, I mean SpinAudio is pretty much just me. That isn’t to say that I work alone, in fact, far from it. I have a backup DJ on call should anything ever happen to me and I have a large network of professionals that I trust and rely upon.

When someone calls or e-mails SpinAudio, they reach me. When there’s a client meeting, they meet with me. When their big day comes, their DJ is me. From the very beginning of the planning process to the their event and beyond, their experience is consistent. They get to know the person who will be providing the entertainment for what may be one of the most important days of their lives. I get to know my clients on a more personal level. My clients aren’t just names to me. I care about my clients and I am often humbled to be involved in some amazing celebrations of love.

There are also drawbacks to this for my clients. The most obvious is the price. Running a small local business means I have higher expenses per event than the bigger companies do. My business is my primary source of income and I dedicate myself to it. This means that I need to charge more per event than some of the “big guys” to make ends meet. It also means that I might not be the right fit for your event. I focus on a polished professional service. I don’t feel it’s my place to take the focus off of the newlyweds or to get up and make a fool of myself. If I feel that I won’t be a good fit for a client, I will recommend a person who is better suited.

What this means though is that when your big day comes, you already know the person who will be DJing your event. It will never be some random person you’ve never even met showing up on the day of your event. This is something I’ve heard stories about time and time again. Frequently I’ll see on local Facebook groups when people inquire about “the big guys”, people are quick to encourage them to make sure that they get the owner as their DJ rather than one of the people they have employed.

I never want my company to grow to the point where my clients have to worry about who I will send to provide the entertainment. I’d rather stay small, sticking to only booking one event per day so I can continue to deliver the highest level of service.

But despite being a small one-man business, I’m certainly not alone. I work with an incredible group of individuals through the Professional Disc Jockey Alliance of Central Alberta. We’re a network of the “little guys”. If I am unavailable for a date or I feel I would be a poor fit, I have several other DJs that I know I can trust to be professional. I know that the client will get someone who is actually invested in their event. These are people who I know I can count on for assistance, advice, and equipment. I can learn from their experiences and they can learn from mine. Together we can work like the big guys while still ensuring clients get all the benefits of the little guy.

I also work with several other small businesses around town. When a client needs a florist, photographer, caterer, or other professional for their event I’m happy to recommend a small business that I trust. When someone’s wedding day is on the line, I’m not going to put my name behind someone I don’t know or don’t trust. I want to ensure that my clients get the experience they deserve.

I’m the little guy. I hope that I’ll always be the little guy.

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