Booking based on Gear

There are many red flags to watch out for when booking your DJ or other wedding professional. Anyone selling gear over talent is a big


Size does matter

I run a small business. When I say small, I mean SpinAudio is pretty much just me. That isn’t to say that I work alone,


When does the entertainment start?

I’ve had a few customers approach me asking if it’s possible for me to just provide the entertainment for the dance portion of the evening.


What if they don’t dance?

In this day and age, we’re rarely exposed to any formal dancing. There’s bars and clubs but most dancing at these venues tends to be


Why do prices vary?

Whether you’re looking for a DJ, photographer, wedding planner, or any wedding professional, you’ll find that prices can range tremendously.


The Importance of Contracts

The last thing you want to hear from your wedding professional two weeks before your wedding is “I won’t be there”.